Reading my classmates’ posts it made me realize how different we all are. Different articles are viewed differently by different people! I was enjoying this DIFFERENCE!

Anyways, due to the fact that I was not assigned to read some of the articles, I have decided to concentrate on them for my better understanding.

–        Flew, New Media Culture

After reading the post of my two classmates I received a new perspective on the levels of technology which helped me structure my understanding of the media and what is actually more important: media or message. If you look from the perspective of layers it becomes clear that users, media, and message are interdependent and work together as a whole.

–        McLuhan (text & video)

McLuhan’s idea is that sometimes the media is more important than the message. Therefore, creation of the message is not enough. But choosing the right media is what matters most. In case when media is chosen perfectly, it becomes even stronger than the message itself.

While I was browsing the posts, I found very interesting discussion about what new media really is. There was an example with IPhones. I personally have IPhone4 now and since a couple of days ago new iPhone5 was released do I think of my phone as an old one? I’m not sure. May be it is because I got mine only a few month ago and for me for an individual user it is still new. May be for a person in developing country it is still a dream. I think it depends on the society and what it is ready for.





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