Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Francisco Cassis, Paulo Areas
Art Director: Pouline Atencio
Copywriter: Roberto Luque
Illustrator: Pouline Atencio
Published: December 2010
Posted on Ads of the World

The purpose of the ad is to sell Bounce, an anti-static sheets you put in the clothes dryer. The audience of the ad are women who wear dresses or other types of clothe which deal with the static electricity issue. Firstly, the pink color of its background attracts feminine audience. Secondly, the image of the dress is likely to draw attention of women rather than men. The dress itself is made of physics structures which may not appeal  to women a lot. However, static electricity is a physics feature. Therefore, someone with knowledge of physics can solve this problem and women will be free of it. The ad can be found in women’s magazines.

The flow principle of design is definitely used here.  It takes the viewer of the ad through all of its elements emphasizing what’s important. It gives the order its natural flow from top to bottom. SEQUENCE: The ad is made in a vertical pattern with a few horizontal lines which enhances the vertical flow even more. On top of the image where the dress begins we can see an arrow pointing to the bottom of the image. At the midline our gaze stops for a moment while trying to understand why would this zig zag lines be on the dress which increases our curiosity. We keep moving towards the bottom where all these physics structures confuse us even more. Once reached the bottom our attention is cought up with trying to figure out what’s it all about. From here the viewr’s gaze with the help of the ride side of the dress is bounced towards the brand’s name where our problem is solved.

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