Advertising Agency: LOWE Adventa, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Andreas Mielenhausen
Designer: Roman Alekhin
Published: October 2010
Posted on Ads of the World

Beeline is a network company which offers mobile, TV, and internet services. Main office is located in Russia (it may explain why you probably never heard about it). It has always been known for the creativity of its ads. In its ads it has always had young people which are the target audience. Those young people are not shown here; however, the types of technology which are shown in the ad are mainly for younger generation users. Besides, younger generation tends to have less money; therefore, they would be more likely to look for discounts for necessary services. Young families are also a target population who could benefit from buying a package for their new home.  This ad can be found anywhere where the younger people are: on the streets, in the magazines, on TV, online on the websites, etc.

This image uses strong contrast which quickly and effectively attracts attention.

Contrast by color: There are two color ideas. Firstly, message in black and yellow stands out very well on the white background allowing all attention to the message. Secondly, addition of yellow color to identify the product itself contrasts with just black color of the other parts of the message. The yellow color elements are balanced on the page (left upper corner and right lower corner) which also emphasize the element of flow where gaze comes from the upper left to lower right where the brand name is.

Contrast by size: coincides with whole idea. On the left side, where the first attention is drown due to the contrast by color and size, the viewer can see products – a lot of products which occupy the better portion of the image. In other words, a big package. While on the right side same elements shown from the other angle but they look smaller which matches the idea of paying a little money to buy the big package. The image employs the principle of symmetrical balance.




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  • Very interesting post! I agree that the targeted audience in this ad is younger people and I also agree with the contrast by color and size. Nice post!

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