Advertising Agency: Y&R Reklamevi, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Ozan Varışlı, Utku Gürtunca
Copywriter: Ömer Onsun
Art Director: Erhan Dursun
Illustrator: Zoo Istanbul
Client Directors: Özlem Ünlüçay, Burçin Yavuzarslan
Published: May 2010
Posted on Ads of the World

The purpose of the ad is to sell energy saving washing machines by Arcelik. The intended audience would be urban residents who practice or would like to practice saving the environment, in other words, use “green” technology. It can be seen in the ad due to green spots among the urban buildings and the text on the bottom saying “World needs more green”. The washing machine in a lower left corner doesn’t attract the most attention which makes it look even more natural within the given environment.  In addition, the clothes inside the washing machine are green which strengthens the idea. It could be assumed that the ad is for female customers because it deals with household product; however, there is no direct relation to females in color or composition. Moreover, the image itself looks gray, very high tech, and detailed; therefore, it creates the same impression of the washing machine, which can attract attention of male customers.

Image could be found in household magazines, in magazines promoting “Green” life style, in any kind of biological or geographic magazines, business magazines, or on billboards in urban areas or parks. After viewing the image a viewer can be inspired to find out more about this product or even search for other “green” products and benefits of using them.

This image is a little crowded; however, author(s) was (were) able to achieve balanced to make it more functional and proportional. Color wise the image is very consistent. It employs only shades of gray and dark green which are evenly distributed throughout the image and give image natural urban colors with emphasis on necessity of increasing of green environment. There is a dark grey frame which creates an illusion that objects that are inside are “lifting” off the page. The right upper corner catches the first attention. Then the gaze goes to the biggest middle ring, and then to the washing machine itself (Principle of flow). Pretty much the whole image copies shape and idea of the washing machine (principle of repetition). From there the viewer looks at the brand name which is very distinct and easy to read. All four corners have something whiter and brighter than the rest of the image. Moreover, the biggest circle is located right in the middle. It all employs symmetrical balance.

The principle of balance of the image is mixed with principles of repetition and flow making it more communicative and functional.


72 Responses to “Rhetoric on the Town: Balance”

  • GREAT overall analysis; I would, however, like for you to spend a bit more time specifically identifying what you consider as “balanced” (or not) and connecting those specific design elements to the rhetorical situation. Please revise and resubmit for full credit (email me with a link when you want me to grade it).

  • Keenan Falls says:

    This is a good example on multiple levels of analysis. I find the image on the whole to be a little unbalanced, however I think it is a good example. More so just designer squished the elements together. On another note there does need to be more green trees so we can breath…in Norfolk!

  • Neb Zewdie says:

    I love that this post is very descriptive and informative. I agree with your explanation on the purpose of the advertisement. It definitely promotes going green by the placement of the trees within the city to all together form in the shape of a washing machine.

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