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Jeep is a model of car which is popular nowadays. It is best known for its ability to ride off roads and on roads in bed conditions. Sometimes people who live in urban areas don’t get to enjoy this advantage of the brand due to good quality of roads. Therefore, the purpose of the ad is to sell Jeep to urban residents . The ad is fun and inspirational. The audience of this ad would be urban drivers who enjoy challenges and like riding anywhere with no limits even within the cities. It is seen in the ad because parking spaces are in very inconvenient locations where it wouldn’t be possible to park for other types of cars. Jeep is usually for middle class population primarily because of the gas cost. In addition, this ad may appeal to younger generation because younger people tend to do something reckless like parking on curb or off road. The ad could be found in car magazines, in magazines focused on outdoor activities, and in crowded cities with little parking lots. After viewing the ad the audience may wonder what are other challenges Jeep can deal with so it may make them go on Jeep website or or Jeep dealership.

Repetition principle is seen in four images combined together in one picture. All images are very similar. All of them were taken in urban areas in different locations but with the same idea. All pictures are of a grey shade with bricks and some kind of barrier (stairs or curbs) and white lines with Jeep logo in each of them. Right upper and left lower pictures were taken from the same angle as well as left upper and right lower are of the same angle. The right upper square attracts the most attention it is well defined and the most challenging. Repetition principle supports the audience by showing in every picture that Jeep owners can deal with all the challenges. It shows constant challenge which strengthens and unites the idea. The design is organized which makes it easy to interpret for the audience.

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