Key terms

Images are powerful part of page designer’s palette, they add impact to pages by making them more visually appealing, by evoking reader curiosity, urging reader action, or communicating important information.

Photographs are powerful visual images that can evoke strong emotional response in people because most people assume that camera doesn’t lie.

Cropping refers to the removal of vertical edges of a picture.

Flopping simply changes the direction of the image in a photo from side to side.

Silhouetted photos have portions selectively removed.

Illustrations can be diagrams, maps, charts, cartoons, or drawings. They are useful for telling a story or showing complex and detailed information that is otherwise difficult to show in any other way.

Clip art is a predrawn artwork that is sold in books, on disc, CD, or online.

Dingbats are small ornament pictures useful as bullets, icons, or small pictures.

Brief summery

The author talks about the importance of pictures in the works of digital writhing. Images style and add visual interest to pages. However, inappropriately chosen images confuse and distract the audience. There are few type of images can be used depending on concept and resources. Photographs seem more real than illustrations. In turn, illustrations are the only effective way to visually show ideas or abstract concepts. The right type of image helps put across a lot of information in a small amount of space. Images can be created by author or purchased for single use or multiple use design. Another resource is clip art which can be big time-saver.

Posted on flckr by zachstern

Posted on flckr by zachstern

This is an example of editing pictures. The author takes an original and then works with it using photo editing tools.

In this case author multiplied the number of copies and edited copies in order to show the audience the difference. Therefore, his edited image goes together with the text. The text can be found here.





Relations to course outcomes

In the world of digital writing images play a tremendous role by reinforcing, explaining, and emphasizing text. Being able to create, select, edit, etc. pictures and effectively apply them in the work enhances the effectiveness and help communicate with the audience quickly. In our class we not only learn principles of working with pictures but also analyze works of others by looking at advantages and disadvantages.


Works cited:

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