Key Terms:

Emphasis states the that the most important element on the page should be the most prominent, the second most important element should be second to the most prominent, and so on. It works hand in hand with the principle of contrast. The primary focus of emphasis is the intellectual analysis of the message to determine which words and phrases and graphics are the most important and, therefore, should be the most visually prominent.

Visual hierarchy refers to the arrangement of visual elements on the page according to their order of importance and emphasis.

Focal point is the visual element or part of a page that is most emphasized and therefore catches reader’s eye first.

Accents are secondary and tertiary focal points

Brief Summary:

We need to use emphasis to simplify the reader’s task and help pick out the most important things of the message. Determining the hierarchy and order of emphasis takes some effort but it improves with practice. Begin by deciding which words or phrases are the most important with consideration of the audience. Once decided, visual hierarchy plan is developed. This plan directs the reader’s attention to focal points. however, the author shouldn’t make too many focal points in order not to overcrowd the content. Some people find it handy to look at other people’s pages for inspiration and observation. Professional graphic designers use a number of visual techniques to establish strong hierarchy (e.g. making it boldest, biggest, and brightest, etc.). One problem that novices experience is that they overuse it. However, learning a skill means that missteps will occur. Keep the message simple, avoid emphasizing everything, and practice, practice, practice!

Relations to Course Outcomes:

It is very important for us the students of digital writing class to appropriately deliver the message. Therefore, we need to learn principle of emphasis in order to decide which pieces of information are the most important. It makes ir easier for audience and makes students effective writers.

This is an example of good emphasis technique. The most important words are the biggest and brightest which allows the audience to see the clear message.








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