Online Professional Identity

Traditional Resume

The purpose of traditional resume is to provide potential employer with necessary information to obtain vacant position. The ultimate goal of traditional resume is to facilitate getting a job. Therefore, the intended audience is potential employer. However, not any resume can help a person to find a good job or any job. Firstly, It has to be written professionally because the intended audience is in the professional field. The formatting must be chosen in an official style to represent professionalism of the perspective employee. Secondly, the resume should be filled with relevant information including but not limited to education, experience, skills, credentials, and organizations. The sections must be chosen to underline benefits of the perspective employee. In my traditional resume I have chosen the official formatting. The font is Calibri, font size 12 which is readable and professional. I have bolded the most important information; therefore, if potential employer tends just to skim resumes, he or she will not miss the most important information.

Scannable Resume

The purpose of scannable resume is to provide potential employer with necessary information of an appropriate format easily found by machines. The ultimate goal of scannable resume is to facilitate getting a job. Therefore, the intended audience is potential employer who does search resumes using machines. The content of the scannable resume should not differ from the content of traditional because if the resume is chosen by computer system, it still should be able provide potential employer with the information he or she needs. However, these two types of resume differ in style. Scannable resume should still look professional but the font chosen should be as simple as possible like Times New roman. In addition, any there should not be any lines or dividers. In other words, only font should be present. The font should not be bolded or italicized. In my resume I used Times New Roman font, size 12 for most of the text with an exception of the most important info – size 14 to make the resume visually organized.

LinkedIn Profile

The purpose of LinkedIn online network system is to establish professional connection with other LinkedIn members which can potentially help one find a job or directly look for a job through job offerings offered by  the system. LinkedIn profiles are very flexible to build. One can choose section which can benefit him or her the most. In addition, instead of working experience – it has professional experience which allows one to include Internship or other volunteering experiences. In addition, one can add a photo – something that is not included in the traditional resume. Moreover, I have joined some Nursing groups to show my interest n the field.

Experience Timeline

Timeline is great a way to tell a story: personal or professional. On timeline one can add pictures, video, music, hyperlinks, etc. Therefore, the way story is told is by using more interactive technology. It is more attractive, more visualized. Ii’s purpose definitely not to replace the resume but can be good addition to it if done professionally.  I personally value the experience I received working on my Time Line.

Video Resume

Video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment that describes the individual’s skills and qualifications and is typically used to supplement a traditional resume. If done properly video resumes can assist in getting a job. However, if done badly, it can not only prevent from getting a job but also embarrass a candidate. Once created candidate can upload it to different job searching website along with the traditional resume, or can create personal website and link to it.

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