***For professional I would try to choose:

-font with transitional serif

-classic – more attractive and readable such as Baskerville, Goudy, Garamond, Times New Roman, Bookman, Bodoni, Galliard, Arial, or Calibri.

-official – typefaces with squared-off serifs such as Palatino, Clarendon, or City Compress.

I would combine it with caring font type. I would apply it only for headings to make a contrast for legibility (size and/or weight). I wouldn’t use similar font type to avoid conflict between fonts.

I would not use bold type because it distracts readers.

The font size would be between 10 and 12 to allow for readability.

My name (which should be placed at the top of the resume) would be slightly larger.

Example can be found here

***For my personal blog or so I would choose decorative style. But I would limit it to headlines because it is more difficult to read when applying it for the entire body text. However, it would add personality in my blog.

I would make it color contrast as well as size and weight contrast.

I would try to combine font types to make page more interesting.

Example can be found here

I would make such preferences for each category because of the intended audience. I would use more creative and decorative for my personal papers while more official, readable, and classic for potential employers.

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