CC Image #1

This image shows the girl with the “world” in her hands. I may insert digital accessory and make linear connections with different points on the globe to show how easy and quickly it is to spread digital message.



Posted on flickr by UvaFragola


CC Image #2

In this image there is a guy with wrench in his hands. He is trying to fix digital “world”. I may insert liens which would connect him (his tool or his head = ideas) with the points on the globe to show how easy and quickly it is to create and spread digital message in  digital world.




Posted on flickr by  jaci XIII



CC Image #3

There is a robot which carries the globe. Robot would mean digital nature leading today’s world. I may insert some words which the robot may say.



Posted on flickr by Kalexanderson



I am thinking to add new items to the image; therefore, I am planning on using photo editor which allows me to play with layers. I have tried Ps before and worked with layers. It was a few years ago and I want to refresh my memory. I may also use Google Image program because it is free and it is something I can use outside of the class.

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