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Part 1:

I have devoted whole category to a Wiki Project. All things I have done and dates are listed under the Wiki Category and can be found here. My assigned work was page on Jenkins. In general terms I learned how to do variety of things:

–        Created new page (e.g. I have created the pages on “Old/New Media”, “Affiliations”, “Circulations”, etc.)

–        Added and edited text (e.g. “Lax“, “Jenkins“, etc.)

–        Moved pages (e.g. “Key Terms“, “Issues“, etc.)

–        Deleted pages (e.g. “Challenges of Participatory Culture”)

–        Added images (e.g. “Image1“, “Image2“, etc.)

–        Added hyperlinks (e.g. “Review Of Remediation“, etc.)

–        Learned and applied repetition principle (e.g. all pages within Jenkis category)

–        Consistently cited works (e.g. all pages within Jenkis category)

–        Used appropriate content from assigned and outside resources  (e.g. “Bolter“)

–        Arranged information in a meaningful way

–        Effectively collaborated with peers personally and digitally (e.g. “Comments“, I have provided the link: however, the page may be deleted by now)

Part 2:

  • I was glad to be able to participate in this type of project. I enjoyed collaborating and playing with my peers. The main thing I am proud about is that we as a team were able to come to a common ground and make sense of the project which at first seemed as a chaos.
  • For my personal contributions I was glad to be able to learn how to work with new website including creating, moving, and editing new pages. I feel like I made a big step forward towards learning not only what digital writing is but also how to interact with it effectively.
  • If I had more time I would explore how to make the web site more interactive so it is not only text/videos/images. I would added flash intro page and made more creative layout design.
  • The hardest thing I found for myself is to jump from page to page – it is time consuming. In addition, images tools are not very flexible. I just had to work with what I had. At the beginning Wiki project seemed confusing; however, I kept doing what I was assigned to. Now, at the end Wiki project makes perfect sense. I was also confused about citing images but I clarified the information with my professor.
  • Wiki project gave me an opportunity to practice my collaborative skills. I was glad to find myself overcoming my language barrier and communicating well with my peers. I feel more confident; however, I want to continue working on my communication skills including leadership development.
  • While working on the projects we were able to work towards the following outcomes:

***Play In an experimental way we were able to agree on the website structure. It took us some time to figure out how we want it to look like. We didn’t simply think of it we played with it. We moved pages around until we found a way to solve the problem. The example in this case would be a process and the result of playing would be final version of the Wiki Website.

***Appropriation Our goal was to define Digital Writing in a digital way. Therefore, we found appropriate resources: assigned and outside sources. We chose necessary information, mixed it, edited it, and came up with the ready-to-go website full of meaningful information from reliable sources on DW topic. The example would be any wiki page with text and matching image(s)/video(s).

***Collective intelligence It is a perfect example of what we did as team during the project. During the first part we had to provide the wiki with different information we learned in class. Each team member contributed his or her time, knowledge, and skills. During the second part we sorted the information and organized it in a meaningful way.

***Networking and Judgment would be examples of how we searched, chose, mixed, and evaluated information. There are lots of outside sources which we used during the project. As digital writers we were able to find information and process it. We chose the appropriate and reliable information. In addition, we gave credits for the authors by citing all the works used.

To sum it up, the project is a valuable tool not only for collection and organizing digital information but also for the ability to interact with digital writing and practice collaborative skills.

The end of one story is the beginning of another one!

                   Looking forward new projects!




On October 1, 2012 I have participated in a comment section concerning introduction page and web site layout design.

On September 30, 2012 I continued edited pages. I mostly concentrated on Key Terms subpage. I added pictures and rearranged some information. I then checked the entire Jenkins page to make sure it is matches what we have agreed during classroom discussion.

On September 29, 2012 I have moved subpages around concerning Jenkins’ work. I edited the page on Jenkins which includes 3 subpages: forms, key terms, issues. I added descriptions to each subpage. I have further added and edited some information within those pages. I added pictures and formatted the pages. So they would follow the repetition principle.

On September 25, 2012 I have actively participated in a classroom discussion concerning Wiki project. I focused on rearrangement of information and its content. I proposed idea on assignment pages to hold each individual responsible for assigned page to keep project more organized.


1) I edited the page “Lax: Equality and Access to New Media” which we as a group who read the article created earlier. I moved around and added some more information (key concepts) on the page. I added an image.

2) I edited the page “Bolter” which was completely empty. I added key concepts, course outcomes, and image.

On 09.22.12 I have done the following contributions:

1. I have created a new page “Participatory Culture”. I have added definition and explanation. I have also added a diagram I have created myself.

2. I have created a new page “New/Old media”. I have given a definitions and examples. I have also given explanation on Old/New media in accordance with Gee (cited in Jenkins), Manovich, and Bolter. I have added a picture.


On September 18:

1) I edited the page “Affiliations” I have started earlier. I moved around and added some more information on the page. Added an image.

2) I created a new page “Circulations”  under the category of Major Issues. I added definition from Jenkins and some more information. Also I added an image.