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Emphasis on diversity of healthcare workers that would understand and take a good care of different types of patients. Healthcare is for different people; therefore, the audience is people with different  heritage background. Healthcare workers would work for you as a healthy friendly young professional TEAM

It uses emphasis principle of design by showing all the hands of different people together at the center of the picture—> so you are in a good hands of workers who understand and help you no matter who you are and where you are coming from.

People are grouped in a circle meaning continuous care .

Trying to attract different people to use healthcare.

The only disadvantages are in the location of the people – superior to patients and only young personal








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This free write was a part of my inclass introduction to ENGL307.

Digital writing for me is language someone uses when working with computer, Internet, and different network systems. How people present themselves in a web system.

Digital writer must have purpose, context, and audience. If writer has a message he or she can deliver it to his or her audience using video, images, and other digital writing resources available to the writer.